Bringing a community together for a cause

An important cause in Tommy Donahoo’s life, both personally and in the community, has been the establishment of the JT Townsend Trust. JT Townsend was a gifted athlete at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. In 2005, he was seriously injured in a football game. The outpouring of generosity from the community was so incredible that a trust was established for JT’s long-term benefit and care. Due to the Donahoo family’s long relationship with Episcopal, Tommy and the firm were asked to assist with the trust planning. Over the years, Tommy and a small group of trustees have assisted JT by providing a home, events and a support network.

Still today, JT has an impact on Tommy’s life. “JT faced a truly life-altering event. Some very generous people have supported him by making it possible to create a trust that helps pay his bills,” says Tommy. “Through some very hard work by many, the trust has been a real source of support for him. However, as is often the case, ‘when you give a little, you gain so much more in return,’ as JT has become even more of a blessing in my life.”

Now, through JT’s leadership, the firm has helped establish a foundation for the purpose of helping others with similar injuries. Please visit